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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Inked Bride.

The first lovely lady of the two lovely ladies I promised to work on this weekend is Jordan. She's on my managers at work, previously photographed in October. She got married a year and a half ago, but for a class I needed to photograph someone in a dress and she was quite excited to get to wear it again. I also wanted to try out my new camera on someone and I love the way that they turned out! Let me know what you think, but I may end up making a reversal switch back to film in the very near future.

To see more pictures from this session, go to my proofing site or to book a session of your own, contact me.


Kaje said...

Did you flip the first image? ;)

I'm lovin' the light!

Christine Armbruster said...

haha! just realized I scanned in the negative upside down... that would explain it. Good eye.

Christine Armbruster said...

And fixed. Thanks!

Stephanie said...

You did these with film then? Well they are beautiful! You are an amazing photographer.