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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Population 800: Eureka, Utah, Population 766


Anonymous said...

It is not a catholic church. It's a Latter Day Saint church built in 1902. The plaque on the building reads: "This building, designed by architect Richard C. Watkins, served as the Eureka L.D.S. Ward Meetinghouse from its construction in 1902 until 1976. It was dedicated in 1903 by Apostle Reed Smoot. The Gothic Revival Style building has been an important park of the religious history of the Tintic Mining Area. The structure, including windows and the tower which had been changed, was restored by the Ferrel Thomas family in 1988."

Christine Armbruster said...

Thank you so much for that correction. I had been told that it was a catholic church and the year it was established while spending time with people living in Eureka. My information must have been off, however. So thank you very much for the correction. Looking into it now and seeing that you are absolutely right and there was confusion between this one and the one down the street. Thanks and I will correct it!