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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Breads in a Blender

While photographing breads, I wanted to tie in the earthiness of homemade bread with the grains in the bread and the wood of the cutting boards it would be served on. The browns and tans really work well together, so I used them throughout the shoot as a backdrop to warm up the scene. Also we wanted to show not just what the food is, but also what goes into making the food. Often times we don't think enough about what goes into the food we eat, or even realize what these things look like. Shooting for Blendtec and trying new foods with different ingredients and mainly raw foods has been really interesting for me, because I am quite the picky eater. Their recepe book comes out end of this summer, I believe, with all the foods and then some that I have photographed.

One of the things of interest for everybody is the variety of special health foods. One of the main types of foods explored, even with the breads, is gluten free. I didn't really realize how intense needing a gluten free diet is, but a girl in my program has celiacs and explained to me how crazy it is. So if you have weird food needs, check out this book with my fabulous photography in it by the end of this summer, and in the mean time, check out her blog with gluten free foods and restaurants.

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