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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Installations and Fine Things

A roommate of mine [Heather Robinson] studies studio art at BYU with me, and for an installation class she did this book project. Installation art is where you create art for a specific space. Sometimes it is a corner of a gallery, sometimes it is in a public elevator, or under a staircase. Hers was for bookshelves in book stores. She turned old books into art by creating collages inside of them with notes she's written, drawings she made, or cut outs from magazines or fliers from other exhibits. They are little vignettes of her life, put onto shelves for anyone to see. She is reverse shop-lifting, by going into stores and leaving these books on the shelves for unsuspected people to find. She asked me to photograph her project for a class, as for the actual books, they are now on shelves if you can find them.

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