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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Maze in the Shape of David Archuletta

David's Archuletta's face. Out of corn. Yes, that is right. 12-acres of corn, carved into the American Idol finalist's face.

However strange it may seem, I did get to go up in a helicopter... without doors... and my thin lap belt secured with ducktape...

Monday, September 22, 2008

BYU vs. Wyoming

BYU's second shut out (which for everybody who doesn't know what that means..including myself.. it's when a team wins and the other team didn't score anything). Two shut outs in a row. The first time that's happened since 1985.

This is how they celebrate, by doing things such as this:

Friday, September 19, 2008

State Fair

i had my first critique in my photojournalism course. the photo had to be based off of composition. so i took this one at the state fair, has a longer exposure, and panned with the father and girl to keep them sharp. it took a while, but turned out alright i think. my professor seemed to like it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

take two.

the continuation of updates until the current time.

the flag vigil at dawn in memory of 9/11.

a new graffiti ordinance is trying to be passed in order to make graffiti..more illegal? whatever it actually means i had to go take photos of graffiti, which meant i call in my shady friends to show me some great spots.
here though are some of the photos i got while out at this place known as "Satan's Land"

"wolff" near the stencil off of university ave.


jumping on the bandwagon.

i'm doing it. a blog. i am now cool. but not really at the same time. i just want a place to put my photos. a way of documenting my progress but also to show some of my adventures since working as a photojournalist. let's back track to some of my favorite photos from these last few months.

this one is mainly for julie. because she has a photo on her blog of these guys in jerusalem.
the geex show. by far the nerdiest thing i have had to do yet: a three day gaming convention. people dressed up, refusing to leave the 72-hour lan party and intend on playing their game for all 72 hours of it. if i've ever felt out of place it was there.

the spanish fork kite festival.
i find something really beautiful about these girls and this photo and i am not quite sure why.

more to come. as in about ten minutes from now there will be another blog. i just feel like i should space out these photos making more blog posts. [that way i also look like i've been doing this for forever]