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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

jumping on the bandwagon.

i'm doing it. a blog. i am now cool. but not really at the same time. i just want a place to put my photos. a way of documenting my progress but also to show some of my adventures since working as a photojournalist. let's back track to some of my favorite photos from these last few months.

this one is mainly for julie. because she has a photo on her blog of these guys in jerusalem.
the geex show. by far the nerdiest thing i have had to do yet: a three day gaming convention. people dressed up, refusing to leave the 72-hour lan party and intend on playing their game for all 72 hours of it. if i've ever felt out of place it was there.

the spanish fork kite festival.
i find something really beautiful about these girls and this photo and i am not quite sure why.

more to come. as in about ten minutes from now there will be another blog. i just feel like i should space out these photos making more blog posts. [that way i also look like i've been doing this for forever]

1 comment:

TXPatti said...

amazing. Love the graffiti pictures. the football pictures were hyper sharp. They looked like ones you would find in the newspaper. Wish I had gotten you to take our pictures while you were here in England!