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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Alamo City (featuring Sam and Roxanne)

Nothing says "San Antonio" and "wedding" like the Alamo, right? Probably not, but doesn't matter. As I said in the previous post of this lovely couple, Roxanne and I grew up together here in San Antonio, Texas. Sam is from Springville and they got married in Utah, but while in San Antonio, Roxanne wanted some "San Antonio" type shots featuring some of the Spanish architecture and main sites. It quickly turned into one of my favorite sessions that I've done, running around my home town with old friends.

Once again, if you can't get enough of this, there are more, just click here!


Ben + Amanda said...

love love love this christine! When are you taking off?

Christine Armbruster said...

I am gone! Left nearly two weeks ago...I just failed to get the right adaptors, so luckily I have a stash of film because that's what I wanted to do anyways. So pictures will just have to wait until July!

ashmae said...

this is cuting me out. so nice!

Sam Gray said...

Christine, love the work. We're so happy with it. Small correction, I'm from Springville- not Spanish Fork. (It's kind of a big difference)