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Friday, May 21, 2010

Roxanne and Sam Gray [Wedding and San Antonio Reception]

I love these people. For one, they're darling. But more importantly, they're fantastic together, and are always smiling and happy when together, and I like that. I grew up with Roxanne, so I'm partial to liking her, and him, we'll just say he had a lot of high expectations to meet. And he did. They got married 1 May in Spanish Fork, Utah, which I was a bridesmaid at, but I took some pictures anyways because I can't help it. However, for the San Antonio reception I was the main photographer, so that's where many of these come from. Also, Sam did all the graphic designing for this wedding (like the card with how they met on it) and he will be designing me a brand new website in the near future, so be looking forward to that!

We went around San Antonio to do formals, I'll post more pictures next week of that.. I just wanted to spread it out some, because I couldn't do it all in one post, I liked them way too much.

To see them all, go to my site.

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Anonymous said...

I love the first picture especially. great job christine.

roxy looks beautiful!