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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Soups, Masks, and Toast.

More images from my photo shoots with Blendtec. Recently, I came to realize that they have a whole series of mildly ridiculous videos, such as my recent favorite: The 12 Hour Lantern via a Blendtec blender and some glowsticks. The whole premise of the videos is that there's a "Will It Blend" challenge, sometimes involving garden rakes, sometimes iPads, and they see if it will blend. Out of control. But I love it.


Jessica Morgan said...

Brad and I enjoy those videos. Very Humorous.

Bakes. said...

1. i love these
2. that aloe is an alien
3. the pile of fruit on top of the collinder is my fav
4. i want to do that with the glow sticks.

Tabitha Davidson said...

My favorite is the Chuck Norris video of will it blend!