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Thursday, August 13, 2009

End of Summer Meteor Shower

I like to base the time scale for my life off of meteor showers. For the last two summers I've spend sufficient time over at Mona lake. To me, Mona is summer. And every summer is a meteor shower so what an appropriate place to go than Mona. I've ended each of these last two summers in the same place, with the same feelings, and last time I had no idea what was going to be happening over the next year. At the meteor shower last year little did I know of what was to come and it was scary and I hated it. This coming year, however, I think I'm going to try to have a little different perspective and instead of being anxious and nervous, be excited. A year is a long time. A lot has drastically changed since then, and I'm excited to see where I'll be a year from now. Happy last few days of summer and happy meteor new year.

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