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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Santiago Monument

What I love about the Dominican Republic is that it was the first of everything Western in the Americas. The first cathedrial, settlements, everything. Santiago [de los Treinta Caballeros] is even the first city named Santiago in the Americas. This monument was orgionally built by Trujillo in 1944 as a monument to himself (the president at the time). At the time it was the tallest building in the city, but I'm not so sure if that still holds true today. When he built it, it was named the "Monument of the Peace of Trujillo", but since he was assisned, it became the "Monument to the Heros of Restoration", celebrating the heros during the revolution, freeing the Dominican Republic from Spain. There are two monuments that I feel represent the Dominican Republic: this one and the arch in Santo Domingo. Each built by a president/dictator and each representing a different part of the country. I passed the arch on Boulevard 27 de Febrero every day and yet never managed to take a picture of it, but at least I got these of the Santiago monument.

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Roxanne Marie said...

I love that picture of the stairs--beautiful.