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Monday, August 10, 2009

Hello, Lake Tahoe.

I have three favorite lakes: Mona, Lake Tahoe, and Pyramid Lake. If you know me, you know why Mona is on there and Pyramid fascinates me with all the fokelore that surrounds it. Lake Tahoe, though, is one of my favorites for it's remarkable beauty, the crystal blue waters with such clarity that you can see over 70 feet below you, and the fact that it is the 2nd deepest lake in the United States. I lived near there for a small part of my life and upon my recent drive out to The San Francisco Bay, Ryan and I made a "quick" stop at Lake Tahoe. I'm really good at convincing people things are only 15 minutes away when it really was an hour later after driving through Tahoe City and forging through the forest that we finally made it into the water. But I knew it would be worth it, and it was.


Chelsea said...

Good thing you are named after Lake Tahoe

Aline said...

And here are the good pictures :) I still want to know how you are doing though :)