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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Upside

There is a restaurant opening up soon in Provo called The Upside. It will be full of organic, healthy, yet tasty foods. I got to recently photograph some of their foods for their website and menu. Here are just a few of the images. Also, they are looking for local artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers, you name it to feature on their website. So if you happen to be any of the above, check it out and submit some of your work. Also, just go to their website in general to see the menu, what they're all about and updates on the grand opening.


Christie said...

I already want to go to this restaurant. When are they planning on opening?

Christine Armbruster said...

They are not sure yet, so be sure to check their website ( for details, they'll also be at the art walk tonight with information.

Stephanie said...

Hey! We were actually looking a the website for this in the newsroom today. Great photos!