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Monday, June 14, 2010

Croatia. Contest. Comment.

Split, Croatia.

I am coming back from the Balkans (and various other adventures) soon. I tried to extend the date for another month, but as money is our masters, it was going to be too pricey to extend the trip another month. Not exactly worth it. However, that means I will be back in the States and ready for some picture taking for all your wedding, family, business, needs. Next time though, I am buying a one way ticket. Since I am coming back, we're going to play my favorite game: a giveaway. The deadline is the day I get back to Utah: June 22. Same rules as last time, just different pictures to choose from, actually any picture you desire is yours. You have the whole blog to choose from as well as previous sittings, and my website. Matted and 11x14.

There are multiple ways that you can enter, and so, you can have multiple entries. So do them all (multiple times), and you have a better chance of winning. If you haven't won yet, don't be ashamed to enter again, or if you have one, still enter.

#1: The Comment. Comment on this post. Any topic, but if you need one, the topic: Summer. It can be your favorite summer activity, food, holiday, feeling, no matter. Jut summer. I like summer, and so should you.

#2: The New Media. Post about this contest on your blog. Or twitter about it. If you twitter about it, just use @brighteyedphoto so I can track it. If you post it on your blog, however, be sure to e-mail me or comment about it so I know because that is harder to follow. If you want to spice up the blog post to draw attention, use one of my photos, and I am ok with that for contest purposes.

#3: Something in Return. Book a sitting with me for when I return for you, your family, your business, whatever. Or you don't feel like it, order a print from my site, if there's a new print you like and not on there, e-mail me, and I'll make sure you can get it.

Do all 3! Enter a million times, win a print.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo tips Miss Armbruiser. That is my only comment for now.

Kaje said...

Summer so far, is pulling green onions from the garden dirt, watching the storms over the mountains, and homemade Indian food.

Yay prints!

Keri said...

So many good things about summer time...I love lightening bugs, fresh strawberries (and toher produce), playing with my little girls in the paddling pool...

Also, in hopes of winning a print, I gave you a nod on my blog (I commented on one of the previous posts about your contests), and tweeted, and dugg your site.

Bakes. said...

utah summer: sleeping on the porch, going to the farmer's market, going to mona.

tennessee summer: parties in my backyard. dollywood. the smoky mountains.