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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Themed old mattress and exterior of a home

If you start in Old Town and walk up the crooked stone street near Baščaršija, veer towards the right past the metal workers and the large graveyard. Continue to climb up the steep streets, past the women hanging their clothing, stop for a drink at the fountain at the top of one stretch, and continue climbing. Eventually you will find a Muslim graveyard with two gravediggers who appear at every Muslim graveyard it seems, they will offer water. Take it, they are good people. Turn to the right and walk past a few homes and you will see a spectacular view, with Sarajevo on one side, and the city-less valley on the other. Continue to walk towards the military base and you will find this home, in between many trees and under the sky, with a beautiful garden, chickens, and a mattress sitting outside the front door which perfectly matches the rest of the home.

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