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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Idea for something amazing about to come

So I just found this link and I've been really facinated since then with this concept. A group of photographers in St. Louis got together, threw darts at a map and had a month to make an image from that location. I think this could be amazing to do in Provo. Because it would get everybody involved in the arts for one, and for two Provo is really interesting and people don't really realize it. I think I may try to recreate this in Provo. Except I would allow any medium and not just realistic, but allow even feelings people have for the area they got. Photography, watercolor, painting, sculpture, video, whatever. Could be extremely interesting. Would get people out. It would be amazing. I will continue to think about this and make it happen.

Here's a link with the results from the St. Louis dArt.

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