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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Dominican Shower

So I thought I posted this blog a while back, but after looking through recent posts, it's not looking like I did. And while I have only one more week here (as of today, sad day!) I figure it's only appropriate to post some things I should have done months ago, little vignettes about life here.

So, this is the Dominican Shower: a bucket and some water. We frequently have running water although it is never warm, which is fine because it is so hot in the city. However, even when we do have the running water they opt to shower this way, which I think is the best way to shower. And, surprisingly enough, you only really need 1/2 the bucket. Go team Earth and the Dominican Republic.


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Brad said...

Ya... I definitely do not miss Dominican showers!!!!! The worst is when the water doesn't come for a week or two and so your rationing and have to share one of those buckets with 3 other people. The best is when there is a huge rain storm and you can go outside and shower in the water that pours off the roof!