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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Coffee Sneak Peek (and exciting news!)

today I got a wonderful tour by the owners of MotoCaribe that have been so generous of taking me around Jarabocoa and showing me everything these last two days. today was the Day of Coffee. We went to her cousin's factory and plantation. I'm working on a photo essay that will show up here in the next while of the whole process. but there will be a small delay.. because somehow I managed to convince the travel channel (!) that I should go on a tour of the country with the two boys they sent down here! So my photos will quite possily be up on their site soon. Woo! So I'm off to go all over this beautiful country for the next week. Perhaps I'll report when I have the internet, but who knows when I'll have it. they don't really have any plans of where we're going or staying.. so it will defentally be an adventure!

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