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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

April Fools.

I'm not really in Miami, I'm in the Dominican Republic.

Well, not really, but almost. I am for real in Florida, but it feels so much like it that I continually forget where I am. It looks and feels exactly like it. Today we went to Little Havana, not anything like Little Haiti as I thought it would be, but still alright. It's the Cuban district of town, but there is not much going on there. However, I did get to brush up on my Spanish, found a great Dominican couple from Santo Domingo who ran a hair salon, and take a few pictures, including this one, which was a sign for the national beer of the Dominican Republic (yes, they do have a national beer named after the president).

1 comment:

brittany barney said...

hey! what are you doing in florida? ha thats fun! hope its warm and lovely! have fun