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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

EDP Charity Fashion show for Sowers of Hope

This last weekend I got to photograph a fashion show put together by EDP (Electric Dance Party) and Sowers of Hope (a NGO). The designers were mainly local, except Devani Weaver who came up from Scottsdale, Arizona for the show.
I had never done this before, and I ended up taking a million pictures. I tried to narrow them down, but that idea turned out to be pretty unsuccessful. I have also posted the rest of the pictures up on my site, with a free download option for larger images that way the designers and models can have the images from the event.

The Charity Organization: Sowers of Hope

Fellow Photographer: Natalie Neal

Some of the DJs: Red Spectral, CapEtan, DJ kiDD wiDD

Designer: Devani Weaver

Designer: Garrett Kinnison

Designer: Rafael Nielson

Designer: Brock Neilson

Personal Style Segment


Kerianne said...

YES~ That was the best thing I have done in provo in a long time. Nice pics Christine.

Tabitha Davidson said...

That is awesome! Great job! It looked challenging but it also looked like a blast!

Natalie said...

these look great! the lighting on the first one is especially gorgeous