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Friday, March 19, 2010

Population 800: Eureka

I'm starting a project for school, working on collecting stories and photographs in towns in Utah with populations of about 800 or less. I started this last weekend with the towns of Goshen, Elberta, and Eureka. I will be posting the images along with the stories as I finish them up in the very near future.

This first image was taken in Eureka, population 766 (according to the 2000 census). I was photographing parts of the town when a truck pulled up and parked right in the middle of my picture. These guys got out and realized I was photographing and asked if they should move. Saying I could work around it, they began to joke about me taking their picture. Little do any of these unsuspecting people know, if you joke, I will take you up on it and I will have your picture. And hence, here are the three men in front of the coffee shop off the main street in Eureka.

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Jasie said...

I loved driving through Eureka. It's a great little town. If you need more places, I grew up in Oakley, with just 500 population. It's an interesting little town too, and it's not too far away.