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Friday, May 29, 2009

Twitter.. (UPDATE)

So the dreaded day has come. I got a twitter. Before you judge, let me explain. So I have a dear friend who is studying Advertising at BYU and she keeps insisting that I get one to market my work, get business, etc. I kept saying no, no, no, it's stupid and I don't want to. Plus I'm an old woman and I'm not good with new technology. It just makes me angry. Some time has passed, and after talking to some photography friends they all have them and insist that I get one as well. Well, fine. I figured I'd give it a shot. So here is my month long trial period. If it works and gets more traffic to my site, count me in. If not, then I'll stop. So! Here goes. Links are about to go up everywhere. Don't hate me because I'm trendy and hypocritical. That's all.

This is actually me, I failed to change the code... like I said, mildly retarded at this technology thing. Thanks, Jeff for noticing.


Jeff said...

is that really you? you should just post what your username is, because unless it's "yourlink", i really must know.

elise lauren photography said...

Do you have to pay to have twitter? I don't know much about it other than it updates people's lives on your life? It's strange that you have to be on the website maybe? I"m not sure.

1. So I am in Dallas (Plano), Texas. My Grandparents & Aunt & Uncle live here and my cousin is getting married. I heard it's not as cool as San A. or Austin but I don't know any different. But tomorrow I guess we're going to some cool flea market and we can't wait!! Drew's been talkin in an accent since he got here.

2. Thanks! The self portrait was shot the same day that I shot the one I turned in, but didn't like this one as much.

3. You're the best.