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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chaco Tan Line Contest

Dear People of the Outdoors and Lovers of Chacos,
This is for you.

What: Chaco Tan Line Contest
When: Summer 2009 (deadline is September 15, 2009)
Where: Earth
How: Wear your Chacos, get a tan line that people who don't get understand will make fun of, and submit a picture.
Why: Why not?

So I love my Chacos. In fact, they are the only pair of shoes I have with me in the Dominican Republic. The only other shoes I love as much are Toms. But that's a different story. So Chacos. They're amazing. And after comparing talk of who's got the best tan lines, I decided that a contest is needed. So! By 15 September, send me a photograph of your best Chaco tan line to . Whoever had the best (defined by most light-dark contrast) wins. There needs to be inniative for you to get this tan line besides just being extremely hardcore, so I'm going to give away a photograph. Because that is what I do. You can pick any I have taken, check out my fine art prints here (which continues to be updated, so don't feel limited by what you see now) or just browse through my blog and pick one. Size is either an 11x14 unmatted, or 8x10 in an 11x14 matte, your choice.
I will post reminders closer to the deadline on Twitter, so you can follow me if you so choose so you don't forget. So, granola on!

1 comment:

Rachel Jan said...

omg i'm so in. i got started last weekend, in fact, at the special olympics. unfortunately, i will be spending most of my time indoors this summer; i'm going to have to make an extra special effort to get out in the sun!