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Monday, May 4, 2009

El Barrio

I wish I could describe how this place feels, because there is a magic about it that is amazing. Today was Workers Holiday, where nobody had work or school, so the streets were full of people riding bikes and sitting around talking on the curb. The apartments are close together and you can hear laughter and music from the streets below through the open windows and the thick hot air blowing in. I went for a walk around the neighborhood where I now live, and everything is so colorful. The people are so gorgeous, juxtaposed against the harsh poverty in which they live. The family that I live with is absolutely beautiful, and I have a new best friend: the 10 year old boy Socrates, with whom I’ve been playing games with all afternoon.
I’m going to try to write more on my blog posts, along with perhaps a Spanish version of the posts so I can practice. I’ve already learned so much Spanish and it’s been like 5 hours.

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Brad said...

Hay que practicarlo. Si escribes en espanol tal vez los que vean a tu blog te hagan comentarios en espanol tambien.