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Monday, May 11, 2009

Boca Chica

What is supposed to be about an hour away takes roughly 2 hours by bus (Guaguas), depending on how many people the Corbradors pick up off the street and try to cram in. It was beautiful, but very touristy with all the vendors and people trying to rip you off left and right. Also saw the most white people on a Guagua that I have ever seen: 6 in total (including myself--when ususally it's just me). There were four bohemian kids about my age that we picked up off the side of the highway and one hippie girl who looks like she has been all over the world, spoke perfect spanish, and got off in the middle of the highway only to hitchhike into some truck. Jealous? Because I am.

Anyways, my goal is find a secret beach much closer that only the locals know about that I can sneak away to every day after work.

self portrait: week 1

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