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Friday, July 2, 2010

Group of Children, Gypsy by Birth.

I know that gypsies are not exactly the most trustworthy people, crying over "dead" children, holding fake babies, or laughing and then the moment they see you start sobbing and asking for money. But, I still love them. Maybe because I am jealous at how free they are to just do whatever, granted, their lives are hard because they have to beg and steal for everything they want and need, but yet, they are free. You can especially tell this with the children. Perhaps it is because they don't understand yet, or because they are kids just like every other kid, except they are not told to stay out of the dirt and can just play in the park all day and not go to school and not have to put on shoes. For a kid, sounds like quite the life. For me, that sounds ideal. They love being photographed though, which I should have taken more advantage of. However, they do demand money for it, or cherries, or sometimes both then they jump on you to try to take whatever they can out of your bag or pockets. Nonetheless, I still love them and slightly envy them.


Patti said...

Gypsy children don't have it quite so easy. They are required to bring home money and they will be punished if they have not brought enough. I think their childhood is stolen from them as they are required to worry about getting enough money instead of just being able to go off and play, letting their parents worry about providing. Once, I saw a woman with a baby and I wanted that baby so badly, I tried to talk Dan into going back and offering the woman money for it! I just couldn't bear the thought of that beautiful baby having to grow up in squalor and have to beg all her life.

Christine Armbruster said...

Patti, that is all very true. They do, indeed have hard lives, I am sure it is not easy at all having to beg everytime you are hungry, and the mom (rarely a father is around) is seldom nice to her children. I know I romanticize their lives a lot in my mind, because it is so free in a sense, but it is difficult I'm sure. Especially come winter. It is interesting though their reactions to cameras, they love their picture taken (maybe because they see it as money), but always, no matter how they previously were, will put on a smile and a pose for the camera, which reminds me of how they are kids, just like any other kids.

Fran AmenĂ¡bar Ch. said...

I really like your blog, your pics are great!