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Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm Not a Bum, Just Been Updating the Website

My parents think I am a lazy teenager: I've been staying up all night and sleeping in till noon. But, it is for a good reason, because I have been updating my website! It's a long tedious process and I don't start to get productive until about 10pm, so I'm sorry you think I'm a bum, but I have some wonderful new (and old) things. I've played around with combining images and going through old weddings which has been quite fun. So, check out my newly updated website, especially the weddings section because that's my favorite. I organized it like a photo essay but using the various weddings I've shot to make one story out of many, which I think turned out nicely. So, go check it out, book me for a sitting, and then maybe my parent's will get off my back while I'm home for the holidays.

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