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Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Portraits with a Snowman

Yesterday I got to photograph a good friend in the photo department Elise and her husband. She does beautiful work and her husband is the graphic designer who did my advertising for my show that is still up in the BYU library. They wanted photographs for a Christmas card that wasn't their wedding pictures from last year, so I went over to build a snowman in their front yard. We primarily shot on my Holga (which I'm becoming more and more obsessed with) and a few digital. Elise was joking about if I was excited to post these on my blog, and apparently I am because they've gone up so fast. So here are a few favorites and to see more, go here.

1 comment:

Drew+Elise said...

Christine I love them all! You did a GREAT JOB! Want to know which one I picked?

The first one you posted :)