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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Utah State Fair 2009

The State Fair + My Holga = Love.

State fairs have always intrigued me. There is something about the magic and mystery of the whole ordeal. For a little kid there is the awe of the carnival and for me as I grow up it becomes the awe of the memory and the nostalgia which follows from the previous years. Funnel cake and deep fried Oreos are a must. Anything deep fried is a must actually, which then becomes every booth offering food. Then the rides. The Zipper, the farris wheel, the Starship 2000. They are all enchanting and lit up as screaming comes from the seats. This ride in particular is the swings which lift you up and shoot you off to the sides screaming as you soar above the rest of the amusements. Memories are always hazy, which is why I chose to shoot many nostalgic subjects with a Holga, a cheap, unreliable plastic toy camera, acting as our memories. Sometimes hazy, sometimes strange colors, and always not the way it actually was.


AbbyAlgerPhotography said...

dang I love these photos!

EM said...

these are great!! i really like the second to last one. :)