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Monday, November 9, 2009

Two of My Current Favorite People: Danny and Bones.

If you haven't seen me in a long time, it is probably because of these two people. And yes, the dog counts as a person. Louisiana Danny is a train hopper that came into town about two weeks ago and found Juice n Java, as most people tend to do. He's been hanging out with us while we work and then we've all been together when we aren't working as well. Almost a week ago he agreed to sit for me to photograph for my large format class and here are a few of the digital photographs I took. We grabbed his mandolin and went to a train yard because that is his home. Bones loved it too, everytime a train went by she got really excited because she thought she was going to go for a ride. They leave to go back to Louisiana tomorrow, so I thought I'd post this tonight as a goodbye tribute and soon I'll get my 4x5 print up here.


bradley f. said...

The first picture is so incredible..

good job!

Drew+Elise said...

my sister in law Riki totally knows this guy. Or atleast saw him and thought he was a BABE!