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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Project: Grandmother's Negatives

I asked my grandpa on my mom's side to send me some negatives. He found some old slides, but it was my 90 year old grandma who hit the jackpot. She sent me about 30 negatives and I scanned in all the people today to see who in my family could recognize the faces so I knew which ones to print. I'm printing off the ones who we know who they are and then archiving the prints for the family for Christmas. This is my uncle Noall and we think his wife Jewell. Just one of the many that will be up here once I get into the darkroom after Thanksgiving break.


Roxanne Marie said...

so rad.

Jessica Morgan said...

That's awesome!

Hannah Sowell said...

Shit, what if we got to actually dress like that everyday Christine.