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Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Day in Vernal

Vernal, UT, just a few miles away from the Wyoming border is one of the few towns that is booming despite the economy failing all over the country. The housing market cannot build enough homes for the workers moving in, resulting in multiple families moving into small spaces, hotels being booked months in advanced, and men worker's camps for all the foreign oil men coming in. I went with an advanced communications class in December to photograph these stories being written, and so I got to go everywhere and show what a day in Vernal is like. I went on tours of oil rigs, into elementary schools, and drove around town with the County Commissioner as she explained the housing situation to me. These are just a few photographs from this agriculture and mining town of 8,163.


Hannah Sowell said...

I am in love with the one of the tree/boat.

Jasie said...

This is great. My family, (from my pioneer ancestor to my grandpa) came from Vernal.