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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Dominican Republic

Well, friends, I am off to the Dominican Republic. I know I say a lot of things and I know no one believes me, but I am for real about this. I bought a one way ticket yesterday morning for proof if you need to see it. I got an internship in Santo Domingo with The Dominican Today working as a photographer with an English speaking paper there. I'll be getting paid to hang out, brush up on my Spanish, and perhaps pick up some French while out on assignment in Haiti, and (if I'm lucky) hitch over to Cuba for a week of epic explorations. I got another internship in Colombia, but chose not to die, so I'm going to the DR insted. I leave May 4. Get ready for beautiful photos in a little over 2 months. Oh, and if you happen to know anyone there, let me know, I need a place to live.

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Jessica Morgan said...

Seriously? That is crazy! brad is a little jealous. (he served his mission there) So did the Program not work out? or are you taking a break?