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Monday, February 22, 2010

RIP Toms Shoes

Today I threw away my first pair of Toms Shoes I bought nearly two years ago. I love them, but it was time. I took this picture back in September, and they had still been worn for months after that, nearly daily. They were is quite rough shape when I finally decided they needed to go, but it had to happen. And now I'm being pathetic and dedicating a blog post to a pair of canvas shoes. But really, they were awesome.


Anonymous said...

sadness, get another pair!
i love my toms.
my gold ones are the BEST!
i love you for many of which is because you introduced me to this footware

Lauren! said...

Honey, I feel your pain. Toms become like part of your feet. I got mine 2 years ago as well and while I've got a few holes, they are still wearable.

Bakes. said...