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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Announcement: Bosnia 2010

Dear friends, family, and people of the web,
I have an announcement to make: I am going on another photo adventure this summer, this time to Bosnia. I know many of you are concerned about the idea that it is a war zone and extremely dangerous, but really, it has been war free form 15 years (the purpose of me going). Also, Bosnia is in Eastern Europe (see map below) and not in Africa or South America (both of which I have been told it is where it is at). I'll be in Sarajevo, aka the Jerusalem of Europe, for a month or so at some point in the summer. It should be epic.

(not my picture, but this is the city)


Bakes. said...


you are amazing.

Brian & Kyla said...

How exciting Christine!

Anonymous said...

i hate my life compared to you!
I am so happy for you!

Kerianne said...

oh yes!

Bill Delano said...

Cool, I was there last summer and it along with Croatia was my favorite place in Europe. Inexpensive and full of a foreignness that is hard to find.

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