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Monday, July 19, 2010

Patsy and Greg, then and now.

Sometimes I like to go through old pictures. I am always surprised at what I find, sometimes thinking I only got one good pictures out of a shoot I find five more to edit, and sometimes I have just down right forgotten what I did. This session was one of those, where I forget about it for one reason or another and I never posted their engagement pictures on my blog. I photographed Patsy and Greg nearly a year ago, and it's interesting to see what I did just a year ago, how I photographed and then edited my pictures. Interesting to see how my style has changed (and then hasn't) since then. I found a few that I liked from the shoot, didn't re-edit them as I would have today, but rather just grabbed a few favorites and wanted to post them (however I am sure the top 5 I found today are different than what I would have chosen this time last year). It's funny how you change, but then again, how you don't at all.

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